Bitcoin Price prediction May 2021 – November 2021

Bitcoin prices are volatile at the best of times and in the worst of times we can see drops of upto 40-50%.

I can see bitcoin falling to around $25,000 and then floating around the $30,000 dollor market in what I will call the summer of still water as the high retail investors start to lose interest in bitcoin as a get rich scheme and leave the market. The gradual decline in retail investors will actually have a positive impact on the market as bitcoin stabilises and whales who have manipulated the market buy back in at a steady rate along with,  more so now than previously Industrial markets , who will see the stability and long term potential as something worthy of their pot of gold. This will ultimately in my prediction drive bitcoin upto to potential new highs of upper $60,000 towards $70,000 by close of autumn. I think this will ultimately bring back in retail investors and drive the price again even higher later in the year. I think whales are currently buying back into the market at end of May onwards, after they spectacular dump , after selling off , before MUSK bought in and retail investors followed. I’ve no interest in speculating on Musk as Elon is only interested in Elon and Mars.

Bitcoin has good steady long term growth and the fundamental alt coins will follow.

Good buys : BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, VET , HBAR


Possibles : SOL , MOVER